Monday, October 11, 2021

What I've Learned from the Great People of District 2


Dear Murray Friends,

For the last month or so, my husband and I have been walking every street in District 2. We have gone out twice a day, 6 days a week, afternoon and evening and talked with some really wonderful people.  We’ve also met quite a few people who are troubled, lost or frustrated by the things happening in their lives or in their neighborhood. Sometimes they just need someone to guide them toward what to do next to fix their problem. Sometimes their problem is bigger and will require coordinated efforts of Murray City departments to fix.

For example, we’ve met a woman who has had renters living a few houses away. The renters left behind a huge mess that is attracting rats to her neighborhood. She tried calling Murray City but was referred to Salt Lake County who got rid of the rats temporarily, but now they’re back.

We’ve met a man whose trees on the park strip have destroyed part of his curb and gutter. I was able to contact the department head involved and he was able to give us date to have the trees and curb and gutter taken care of.

Another street has had the whole length of sidewalk damaged by tree roots, lifting the concrete up all along the street. The home owners are worried about being sued if someone trips and is hurt.

We’ve met an 82 year old man who has lost his wife and his daughter. He is now trying to take care of his grand-daughter and great grand-daughter along with his own health problems.  He was distraught at receiving a letter from the city about cutting his weeds and facing the possibility of an $1800 fine and 5 months in jail.  With a phone call to our City Attorney, the case was closed and he was told that one of the free Murray dumpsters could be available for him to take care of his yard.  He was so grateful that this weight was lifted off his shoulders.

There have been many more cases like these, but it taught me that while the Murray City Council is working on projects like the new City Hall, redeveloping downtown and preserving historic buildings that we must always keep one eye out for those Murray citizens who are struggling.  Whether you elect me or not, I would like to challenge the Council members to be easily reachable by the citizens in their districts and to go out and visit them and get to know the people they serve. 

 There are many in this city who just need a little guidance, a helpful phone call to solve their problem or just someone to listen to like Burt who has just had to put his wife in a memory care facility.  He can’t visit her because of the Covid safety measures and he worries about her remembering him.

These are our neighbors. These people ARE Murray. They need our help.  That is why I’m running. That is why I’ve listed my personal email and phone number on my website. I want to hear from our neighbors with needs that I can help. We can be better toward our friends and neighbors. They’re not just nameless “citizens.”

Thank you all for teaching me,

Pam Cotter


  1. I love this post, and the fact that you are talking with and listening to needs of the citizens in your district. All Murray citizens, our friends and neighbors, share a common thread. They live in a great city and have council members who work hard and care about them! Thank you Pam!

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words. Even though the results are not 100% final, I'm still going to keep talking and listening and helping out in any way that I can. We all need representatives that will work on the "small" problems that occur in our city. I will always have time to listen, no matter what the problem. If it's something that I can't help with directly, I will find out who can and make sure it is taken care of.


I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.

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