Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Campaign Finances (or how I'll treat Murray tax dollars)

All the candidates had to have their campaign financial statement into Murray this week.  

As promised, I was very wise with spending on my campaign and I did NOT take any money from any Political Party or Large Organization so I don't owe them any "special" favors.

I intend to be equally wise with the money Murray City spends because I respect our tax dollars and would never waste them.

Also, as I promised, there are no wasted expenses on mailers that went from your mailboxes directly into the trash or recycling, no impersonal robo-calls or robo-texts that always seem to arrive at an annoying time, and no T-shirts or hats that will be irrelevant by next month. 

That's why I left only one door hanger for you to learn where I stand. That's why I listed my personal phone number and email on my website so I can talk directly with you so we can get things done.  I do hear you and I will continue to hear you as your Murray City Council representative.

I only owe my allegiance to the people who live and work in Murray! That is what City Council should be about!

I'm posting my finances here, but you can see all the candidates' financial statements at

I suggest you look at all the candidates and see where their money came from and where they spent it. That may be a good indication of where their priorities lie.


Pam Cotter

Contributions received









Dale & Jann Cox



Elnora Ferrero



Sherryl & Matt Cowley



Dallas & Sallie DeFrancesco



Lester & Brenda Deering



Ed & Carol Hansen



Mike Henrie



Drew & Cathie Pearson



Dividends on checking account



Bill & Pam Cotter









Total Contributions received



Itemized expenses paid








Fast Signs (250 campaign signs)


SLCo Surveyor's Office (Large District Map)

$21.95 (parade candy)

$19.97 (parade candy)


Home Depot (zipties for signs)


SLCo Clerk (voter's list)


Murray Recorder's Passport (filing fee)


Office Depot (slanted sign holders)


Minuteman Press (3000 door hangars)


Murray Journal (1/4 page ad)


SLCo Surveyor's Office (Maps for Eggs & Issues)


Oriental Trading (candy for meet the Candidate)






Total expenses paid



In-Kind & Other Non-monetary Contributions











Chris Van Buskirk

Website (domain)


Dale & Jann Cox

Voter List


Chris Van Buskirk

Website design


Dale & Jann Cox

Taffy (Meet the candidate 2)









Total In-kind contributions




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