Thursday, August 26, 2021

Murray City's Proposed Redevelopment Project at 4800 S. State Street


I had the opportunity to see the plans for the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) project proposed for the property running south on State Street between 4800 South and 5th Avenue and west to Poplar Street.  This is the area just across the street to the south from Winger's Ale House Restaurant. The southern edge at 5th avenue is about half way between 4800 South and Vine Street.

 There are pros and cons to the project as it now stands.  The project would house 253 apartments, 9 town homes and several street level retail spaces. These are not subsidized housing or low income apartments and town homes.

The structure will be 6 stories high (5 if you don't count the mechanical items on top like A/C, elevator mechanics, etc.)  There would be green space on the rear and some on the 3rd floor around the parking and pool areas as shown in the 3rd photo.

 The building itself makes kind of a "U" shape viewed from above. There would be 3 stories of parking (423 stalls) located in the center of the U shape so there should not need to be street-side parking. The proposed plans meet or exceed all existing zoning code requirements.

The existing buildings are old and in need of repair. The estimate on the DAR building alone (the building in the center of the block) is $10 million to bring it up to code.

I've included photos of the displays for you to view and a Google Maps aerial photo with the proposed property highlighted to give you a better idea just where it will be located relative to existing buildings. More details and drawings can be found at 

Please post a reply or email me with your thoughts and feelings on this project.

As of now, it looks like this project is dead.  3 Council members are against it Brett Hales, Dale Cox and Dianne Turner.

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