Monday, August 30, 2021

Planning Meeting for Town homes at 5400 South and 700 West (Murray Heights)


 The planning and zoning commission will meet at 6:30p.m. this Thursday, September 2nd to decide on plans for the property located on the southwest corner of 5400 South and 700 West.  The proposal by Ivory Homes is to build 31 town homes that appear to be 2 or 3 stories tall plus a loft/deck as the 3rd/4th story.

All traffic in these town homes will enter and exit on 7th West.  Vehicles will have to enter from the North on 700 West and exit to the South due to the road divider on 7th West just west of Smith's.

If you would like to see the exact plans submitted, the website is  Scroll to pages 44 through 97 to see the submitted plans.

These will be the same style that Ivory built in the Daybreak area.  My husband and I visited these town homes and shot the following photos of the finished homes to get a better idea of how they will look.

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