Sunday, August 1, 2021

 Campaign Funding and Politics (or not)

I have had many calls, emails and texts asking which political party I'm affiliated with. My answer is always, "this is a non-partisan election and I'm not going to bring national politics into the race for Murray City Council."  

If we can't run our city without having a national agenda, then these are very sorry times! 

I decided before I signed up to run for this office that I would not take any backing from any political party, organization or non-profit.  I don't want to owe anyone any "favors" (other than the citizens of Murray.)  This race is about Murray and we don't need to bring the polarizing effects of national politics to our city.

I decided from the beginning that I wanted to self-fund this campaign.  A few neighbors and friends have contributed, but I can count the number of contributions on my fingers.  No person has given my campaign any contribution over $100. When I submit my records of contributions and expenses, you will see how few contributions that I actually have taken.

I want to run a low-key, economical campaign to show voters how I can and will manage money if I am elected.  My biggest expenses will be a modest number of signs (thanks Fast Signs of Murray!), one door hanger and one small ad in the Journal.  I won't fill your mailbox with campaign literature that ends up in the landfill or recycling bin.  I have set a budget and I will stick to it. That's how I've always been.

Pam Cotter

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